Education / Sarsvati Amulet/ Tabij/Locket : This kawach is beneficial for students and candidates of competitive examination those feels loss of memory power, lack of concentration, lack of willing to study, bad writing skill and bad luck in exams results. More Details —–


Lockets 1

Prosperity / Luxami Amulet / Tabij/Locket :  This Locket is beneficial for gaining all type of Prosperity, like grace of Mahalaxmi, Food Grain, Patience, Vehicle, Children, Victory, Skill & Education, Wealth and Prosperity. More Details —-


Locket 2

Bad Evils / Black Magic Remedy Amulet / Tabij/locket : This Kawach is specially for those people who are facing black magic problems and having no sign of coming out of this bad evil, It will make a person completely black magic free and will give growth and sound health in life For More Detail :—


Lockets 3

Attraction/ Bashikaran Amulet/Tabij/Locket : This Kawach is an exceptionally powerful for those people who like to have status and regard from all around, who want dignity and prestige in life. For More Detail —-


Locket 4

Bagla Mukhi Amulet/ Tabij/ Locket : This Kawach is specially for those who like to gain victory and want to be free from all enemies and all legal litigations

In case you are in trouble :

–  by Direct or Indirect Enemies,

–  due to Evil works done by Your Enemies,

–  cause of Long time running Court Cases,

— due to Conspiracy of your Enemies

— because of Unsuccessful in Competitive Examinations

And due to all of these your progress is obstructed.You can wear this Kawach and have benefits More Detail—–


Locket 5

27 Miracles of wonderful Shantiom Kabach  

1. Shantiom Kabach to acquire the love or friendship of someone, 

2. Shantiom Kabach to heal someone in clinic or hospital,  

3.  Shantiom Kabach brings good luck in Love affairs,interview 

4.  Shantiom Kabach is to remove family obstacles, to stop sexual, physical or mental torture and abuse,   

5.  Shantiom Kabach develops the intellectual power, improves concentration and speed reading,  

6.  Shantiom Kabach brings success in exams oral and practical exam, or during term tests, and  internal exams, university exams, to develop talent in competitions.

7. Shantiom Kabach brings success in presentation for business or contracts, 

8. Shantiom Kabach is for good health and to remove stress, brings harmony at home. With

parents or relatives, harmony at work or in school.  

9.  Shantiom Kabach is for the protection of your house, office or industry, of your garden, fruit trees or plantations, to protect yourself from colleagues negative behave and enemies. 

10. Shantiom Kabach attracts a lover or marriage partner gives protection during and after marriage  

11. Shantiom Kabach is to have a child or get pregnant, create protection during and after pregnancy,  

12. Shantiom Kabach creates telepathy and thought transmission with the beloved ones,  


13. Shantiom Kabach is to reduce alcohol or stop drinking,and to stop wife beating or sexual abuse , and to stop children abuse or child beating .  


14 Shantiom Kabach is for  Sexual vigour for male or female , n increase the size of your sex organs and make your family life happy

15. Shantiom Kabach is to increase trust and interest in husband and wife, n to make lover come back, bring back passion and love in an old couple

16 Shantiom Kabach is for winning court cases, and conquer the enemies,  

17. Shantiom Kabach is to save a failing or breaking marriage,  

18.  Shantiom Kabachis to influence a powerful person or a neighbour,  

19 Shantiom Kabach is to make self confidence and overcome the fear for cockroach, rats or lizards,  for cats, dogs , snakes or other pets,  

20.  Shantiom Kabach to attract money, wealth and abundance or get back money someone owes you,  

21 Shantiom Kabach is to develop your psychic powers and hypnosis,to influence relatives or friends.  

22.  Shantiom Kabach is for protection from evil eyes or black magic ,reduces fear anger and depression

23. Shantiom Kabach is for travelling abroad and for getting a visa overseas, for getting work permit in another country and for getting a residence permit in abroad, and also for a marriage abroad.  

,24 Shantiom Kabach makes you calm and blissful, and helps to get Lord,s Light  

25.  Shantiom Kabach is to adopt a child or get adopted, to buy a new car, a new house or renovate, to buy a new business or improve, 

26 Shantiom Kabach is for  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,   Allergies, Sensitivities and Environmental Illnesses, for Anger Management or panic attacks,  


27. Shantiom Kabach is for Lack of Self Esteem, Stress and Anxiety,for Public Speaking or

performance blocks, for children refusing foods, for children causing stress to parents

and family, 

More Details at ……