Seven Mukhi Rudraksha
Seven faced Ruraksha is related to Seven Seas The person who wears this Rudraksha after proper Energisation will remain contented like the seven seas. He does not desire for more and runs each and every work in his available resources. Seven faced Rudraksha provides such an immense knowledge to the wearer that he proves incomparable in group discussions in the meeting. he remains firm on his wordings and speaks always the Truth.
Seven faced Rudraksha is best suitable for ministers, kings, writers, speakers etc. This Rudraksha is not to be worn without any astro consultancy.
Seven Faced Rudraksha as found in various Holy books Puranas:-
Seven faced Rudraksha is the symbol of Anang Shiva. It represents Goddess Mahalaxmi. Good health and wealth is blesses to him who wears Seven Faced Rudraksha. Those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up should wear it. By wearing seven face Rudraksha man can progress in business and service and spend his life happily. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn in a red thread. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha may be worn on a regular basis. There is no taboo written in authentic Puranas to be followed while wearing them. They have a life of thousand years if well taken care of. They should be preserved in a locker or at some safe place since they are considered as very valuable.

Benefits : -
- Wearer is not affected by any type of poisoning
-Removes sins resulting from theft, drug abuse, and adultery.
- Wearer may get hidden treasure.
- Gets increased attention from opposite sex.
- Sublimates enemies and their power.
- Goddess mahalakshmi is pleased with the wearer.
- Removes bad luck. Provides health and wealth.
- seven face bead is owned my Lakshmi.
- Opportunities and wealth is blessed immediately after wearing.
- Long standing miseries and issues are eased.
-Seven faced rudraksha bead controls pain caused by arthritis.
-Effective in Muscular pain. Treats all kinds of sexual diseases(impotence).
- Treats Leukemia, heart problems, throat disease.
Stomach ache, impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness
– Reduces the malefic effects of of Saturn and Rahu – Sudden fall in status, diseases of lungs,
feet and skin, hydrosol, Diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, impotency, cold,
obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, long time disease, scarcity,
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