Fourteen Faced/Mukhi Rudraksha

The fourteen Faced / Mukhi Rudraksha symbolises Lord Hanuman . Hence it induces strength in a person. It is effective to remove delay in child birth, if worn by the couple. It is also effective in ruling out the malefic effects of Saturn. It bestows knowledge and gets one to forsee the future. It is also endows children with the power of concentration. Hence it is significant for those kids who lack interest in studies. It is also suggested for the spiritual minded who are keen to get liberated. Fourteen Faced Rudraksha belongs to Fourteen Vidhya ( Art or skill). This Rudraksha opens the opportunity of fourteen Vidhya to the wearer of this Rudraksha. The wearer of this Rudraksha get success in all fields of one,s life. This Rudraksha make the wearer sharp and intelligent. It removes all the sins and the wearer get the Moksha (liberation) in the end. This is said by Bhagwan Datta Treya in the meditation of Lord Shiva.
Fourteen Faced Rudraksha derives its name from the fact that its shell has fourteen natural lines or Mukha over it. Lord Shiva, who is one among the Hindu trinity of Gods, is its deity. It is believed to have derived directly out of the eyes of Lord Shiva, who also wears it. As per ancient Vedic texts, anyone who has this Rudraksha with devotion and faith gets conferred with the blessings of Lord Shiva. All his justified desires and aspirations of life get reasonably fulfilled.
Fourteen Faced / Mukhi Rudraksha as per the various Holy Books Puranas:-
Listed references from the Holy Books of India that are made specific to the Fourteen Faced / Mukhi Rudraksha so that all will Know the Power of this Rudraksha.
A Rudraksha with fourteen faces is the highest Shiva. It shall be worn on the head with great devotion.
THE LORD said : – If a man always wears on his head or arm a Rudraksha with fourteen mouths, the mass of Sivas’s power, he is always honored and approached by gods due to the greatness of this religious merit
Sacred Hymn for the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is OM NAMO NAMAH


A man wearing fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha on his forehead himself becomes Siva, hence its greatness is indescribable. One who wears even one bead on the forehead is always worshipped like Brahmins and gods and attains moksa.
Chapter V
GOD said
There is no need to describe the greatness of Rudraksha again and again. It should be worn always for it is superior to all.
Those men who wear either the rosary of Rudraksha or even one bead on their head, get rid of all pains, sorrows and sins and attain all the credits. Such men on chanting the names of Siva become superior to all other men.
According to Jabala, instinct for wearing Rudraksha results only after attaining the perfection of Vedas and Blessings of Lord Siva during preceding births He cannot be killed. He roams like Rudra among other creatures on earth and is worshipped like Siva by all including deities
LORD SIVA said :- A Rudraksha with fourteen faces is God Srikantha Himself. It gives Moksa liberation to all the kith and kin of past generation and its wearer himself attains moksa
It is the Rudraksha which is found most rarely and it pleases Lord Shiva to give the wearer His company. It is the most precious divine thing Deva Mani. It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. Its wearer never fails in his decisions. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries. It provides the wearer safety and riches.
Benefits : -
Fourteen Faced / Mukhi Rudraksha has immensely beneficial impact over its wearer. Out of the nature of impact it creates over its wearer, it is also referred as ‘Dev Muni’ or ‘Divine Gem’.
-It stimulates one’s Ajna Chakra, and stirs and strengthens one’s power of instinct and intuition.
With those abilities, one can sense and experience about the incidents which are bound to
occur in the coming time.
-It enables one to take thoughtful and effective decisions in vital situations.
-Saturn is the ruling plant of this Rudraksha. As a cause of this association, it helps in pacifying the ill-effects as generated out of the presence of Saturn in a weak or malefic state. Those under Saade Saati impact can benefit a lot out of this Rudraksha.
-It creates a protective shield around its wearers to protect him from any possible impact of evil spirits, black magic, and negative energies.
-It is highly recommended to businessmen, senior managers, and politicians, as they are very much in need of the attributes of having able farsightedness and proficient insight to justify their respective professions.
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